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Kite Quartet Performs 'An Affliction (for saxophone Quartet)' 

My first resolution of 2022 is to release an album of studio recordings of compositions from the past five years.  March is my goal for release. In the meantime, I will be sharing early mixes of the recordings every week or two. The performances are set, but I'd love feedback on pacing, balance, EQ and anything else that can be addressed at the mixing and mastering stage. 

First up is 'An Affliction (for saxophone quartet)' performed by Kite Quartet (Ken Thomson, Peter Hess, Ed Rosenberg III and Alex Hamlin). The piece is in four movements: I - an inscrutable premonition (solo alto sax); II - a dubious proposal; III - the inevitable disclosure of pernicious views; IV - a regret re-examined. 

Special thanks to Ken Thomson for pulling this together, Peter Hess for doing the mixing and production, and John Mallia for advising during the composition process.  Click the Soundcloud link below:


Milan Dismembered (a reimagining of Luis Milan's Pavane No. 1) 

It is still a work in progress, but I am posting an early performance of a new track inspired by Pavane No. 1 by the 16th century Spanish composer Luis de Milán.  This piece was composed for a recent Ableton Live class that I attended at Berklee Online, and is performed using Ableton 11 via an Akai APC25.  It also utilizes manipulated audio samples drawn from an excellent performance of the original by guitarist Nathaniel Earhart.