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COMING SOON - Album of studio recordings of work composed between 2017 and 2021.  Tentative release date, 1 March 2022.  Pre-release mixes can be heard via the Soundcloud player, below.  Current track list (subject to change) is as follows:

1 - Milan, Misremembered
    performed by Giovanni Albini

2 - An Admirable Persistence
     performed by Transient Canvas     

3 - The Corrosive Effects of Desire
     performed by Invoke string quartet

4 - An Affliction (in four parts)
     performed by Kite Saxophone Quartet
     (K. Thomson, P. Hess, E. Rosenberg, A. Hamlin)

5 - Three Icaros
     performed by Nick Montopoli

6 - A Shut Door Opens Outward
     performed by unassisted fold

 7 - Riding a Tethered Horse
     performed by Invoke string quartet