Frederick Rawski is a composer of concert and electronic music based in Japan.  His work draws upon contemporary classical, electro-acoustic and traditional musical forms from around the world.  He studied composition with John Fitz Rogers, Roger Zahab and John Malia at the Vermont College of Fine Arts, and trained as a classical guitarist with Timothy Olbrych at the College of William & Mary. He once set a  poem by Nezahualcoyotl to country music and sang it on a rooftop in Morocco.  His day job is as a human rights lawyer.



a shut door opens outward
for flute and classical guitar
7 minutes 

milan, misremembered
for ukulele and digital delay
3 minutes


riding a tethered horse 
for string quartet, mandolin, banjo and delay pedals 
11 minutes

premiered by invoke string quartet 
Montpelier, Vermont (12 February 2020) 


the corrosive effects of desire 
for string quartet 
12 minutes

premiered by invoke string quartet 
Montpelier, Vermont (16 February 2019) 

performed by the julius quartet 
Dallas, Texas (5 October 2020) 

three icaros 
for violin and delay pedal 
10 minutes

premiered by Roger Zahab
Montpelier, Vermont (11 February 2019) 


an affliction 
for saxophone quartet 
14 minutes

premiered by Ken Thomson, Peter Hess, Edward Rosenberg III, Jay Rattman
Montpelier, Vermont (9 February 2018) 

unsolicited opinions on a topic of no importance
structured improvisation for laptop and gamepads
6 minutes

conceptualized and performed by Frederick Rawski and John Paul Beattie
Montpelier, Vermont (5 February 2018)


three delusions 
for bass clarinet and percussion 
11 minutes

premiered by Transient Canvas 
Montpelier, Vermont (6 August 2017) 

performed by Eriko Daimo and James Shields
Oregon Bach Festival Composers Symposium (August 2018)